EOS dApp token deposit & withdrawal live on wannabit.io

Withdraw CET, IQ, HORUS and other EOS dApp tokens through Wannabit Wallet

Following last week’s EOS withdrawal launch, Wannabit Wallet has opened EOS dApp token deposit and withdrawal.

Users can connect scatter or use their private keys to access their accounts to send and receive CET, IQ, HORUS and other EOS dApp tokens.

Below is a post explaining the EOS deposit & withdrawal feature on Wannabit

  1. Access EOS account by connecting Scatter or entering private key

2. Select EOS dApp tokens to add by clicking on the ‘+’ sign on the right

3. Select tokens to add and click ‘Add’

4. If the token you want to add isn’t on the token list, click on the ‘Custom Token’ tab to add custom tokens.

Enter contract account name (address) and symbol. For example, to add KARMA tokens, you must enter “therealkarma” as the contract account, and “KARMA” as the symbol.

5. Check your token balances, enter deposit account (the address you want to send your tokens to), choose token type, enter amount and memo and click “Create Transaction”

6. If you are using Scatter, confirm transaction by clicking “Accept” in the pop-up. If you are using your private key, similarly confirm transaction.

7. Transaction completed. Click on the txid provided in the completion pop-up to go to eosflare.io and view your transaction history.

On July 11th, Wannabit Blockchain Labs released eostart.com, an EOS account creation portal.

Users who do not already have an EOS account can easily create a new account through eostart.com

Creating an EOS account currently requires an existing EOS account that can interact with the EOS blockchain in order to purchase RAM needed for account creation. With eostart, users can now easily create a new EOS account without the need to ask an existing account holder to create accounts for them.

wannabit.io now supports BTC/BCH/ETH/ETC/QTUM/LTC/EOS

Wannabit wallet is a convenient tool for users to securely access their private cryptocurrency wallets. Wannabit is a decentralized gateway to gain access to major blockchains without the risk of keeping one’s private information on a centralized database (for example, exchanges).

Users can however choose to use the ‘favorite wallets’ function that allows them to save their frequently used wallets for faster and easier access. When a user decides to save an address to ‘favorite wallets,’ the user is required to set a 2FA authentication for security purposes.

Wannabit Blockchain Labs is a group of individuals dedicated to providing value to the blockchain space through researching blockchain technology and applying them to real-life use cases. We strive to not only bring forward transparency and efficiency to this space but also trust and convenience through combining our extensive knowledge in blockchain technology and our vision for the decentralized future.

For more information and updates on Wannabit Blockchain Labs, please follow our medium blog.

EOS Account Creation Portal — www.eostart.com
Official Website — www.wannabit.io
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/wannabitlabs
Twitter — https://twitter.com/wannabitwallet

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